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Stand out from the crowd in this competitive job market by learning how to communicate effectively.

Master Public Speaking 

  • Certificate of Attendance 

  • Public Speaking Booklet 

  • Group Discussions & Presentations 

  • Public Speaking Practices 

Learning Outcomes 

  • Create and present organized and focused messages in professional setups.

  • Learn to speak confidently in various situations with confidence.

  • To become a better listener and know what makes communication work.

  • To learn to stand straight and make eye contact.

  • Express themselves with confidence in meetings and with the media.

  • To have fun making presentations.

  • Analyze audience demographic and psychographic information to create audience-centered messages.

  • Employ verbal and nonverbal presentation skills for confidently and effectively delivering oral messages.

  • Evaluate arguments and reasoning from an audience perspective.

  • Employ strategies and skills to manage communication anxiety.

  • Create and present effective presentations using digital and non-digital presentation tools.

  • Apply traditional rhetorical methods and modes of persuasion to speechmakin

Public speaking helps you stand out at work. You'll learn to speak up in meetings, promote your ideas, and present yourself as a professional. Speaking skills can also help you excel in job interviews. After speaking at a few events, people will remember you and begin to see you as an authoritative figure in your area of expertise. You’ll find yourself getting new clients and business from people who watched you speak. All sorts of new business and speaking opportunities will open up for you.

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