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Learn To Express Yourself With Confidence 

Master Public Speaking


Welcome to Cohort 16 of the  Master Public Speaking. This Program is tailored for professionals, business leaders and entrepreneurs who want to learn how to effectively:


  • Deliver memorable presentations

  • Command stage presence

  • Maintain great posture

  • Exude confidence

  • Connect with their Audience

  • Incorporate cultural intelligence when speaking to diverse audiences

  • Overcome Stage Fright & more

Our Master Public Speaking  program is a game-changer for those who want to influence the world around them. It is customized for professionals, business leaders, sales executives, team leaders, and entrepreneurs, making it the go-to program to master Public Speaking Skills. 

Great public speaking skills help you stand out at work and other gatherings. You'll learn to speak in meetings, articulate your ideas, and express yourself as a professional. Speaking skills can also help you excel in job and media interviews. Great speakers are unforgettable. People perceive you as a leader and an authoritative figure in your area of expertise. It attracts the right clientele and business opportunities. If you are looking for a program that helps you achieve these,  Master Public Speaking is for you. 

Master Public Speaking program is a joint effort by two coaches, Mompoloki Makwana and Nikita Makwana, bringing together their experiences in  coaching, lecturing and speaking in different stages, both big and small, and different countries around the world.

Our goal is to help individuals to express themselves confidently and position themselves as expert they already are. We believe that with the right tools, coaching and mentorship anyone can learn, master and enjoy public speaking. 


Since 2023, we have trained and coached over 300 professionals in the area of public speaking across Africa. Our aim is to train 1 million Great Speakers across the globe in 10 years. 

Our Approach to Mastering Public Speaking

Self Awareness

Self Development

Self Expression


Powerful session. I’m so grateful for the lessons we are learning here. Had a presentation over the weekend and I was able to share my focal point with the audience.

Oreeditse Marakakgoro, Teacher

This program was a game changer for me. I am able to make presentations with confidence and sell my books with easy. Exactly what I hoped to achieve. I learnt a lot Maximizing on Body Language, that communication goes beyond words but the body language is an important aspect to create impact for your audience.

Bokamoso Makwana

I had a challenge with self confidence. When we were taught about self awareness, I learnt that I do not have to project my fears and insecurities. I can now project my confidence and power in an amazing way. I reccommend this program for anyone who want to express themselves boldly.


Take your career to the next level by learning how to communicate with confidence, power and clarity. 

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